About Us

Over 35 years providing world-wide support

Viking – Team Ships was established to design and build high performance patrol craft.  In partnership with Viking Inc., our state of the art designs reflect decades of experience and our crafts as the best available high speed interceptors. 


A committed team of professionals focused on delivering the best solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.  We listen to our customers, we determine the best solution – and then deliver!  Providing our customers' with the best available products and services is routed in four pillars for us; Teamwork, Customer Support, Quality, and Value.


Integration is essential in shipbuilding.  All the parts must fit.  At Viking we know that our success is a team effort.  Our team has been carefully chosen to ensure each staff member and each and every partner work together to deliver a quality product on time, on budget, and fully meet all the customers’ specifications.

Customer Support

We listen to our customers, we ensure that we meet or exceed their expectations for any product.  With delivery, we ensure that we provide ongoing support including long-term maintenance planning, product sustainment and modernization when requested.


Our team is 100% focused on delivering a quality product or service.  We ensure the customer is satisfied and continues to come to Viking Team-Ships for their future needs.

Our experienced craftsmen and designers are focused on quality – in accordance with all applicable regulations.


Value in the marine industry is essential.  Our team includes former operators and maintainers who understand the impact of poor quality equipment, installation, or fabrication.  We will not cut corners in our product line, nor will we force an overpriced solution on our customers.