Our Partners

Our partners have been carefully chosen to embrace our philosophy regarding customer satisfaction.  We have partners that can fully meet the most demanding operational requirements, ensure continual reliability, ease of maintenance, and sustainability.

Our partners include:

Mission Assurance International

MIA Logo

Mission Assurance International, LLC is an experienced provider of integrated logistics and training support to overseas clients.  MAI was the key provider of ILS and training system support for recent transfers of the 60-meter OSVs to the Iraqi Navy, as well as coordination of reactivation and post-delivery support for the Lebanese 42M Coastal Security Craft program. Closely associated with the technical expertise and coordination with multiple component and systems providers, MAI also conducted ship construction testing, pre-underway certifications of readiness, Builders and Acceptance Trials, as well as final delivery trials to the US Navy’s technical and contracting authority (NAVSEASYSCOM). MAI is currently under contract to the Office of Naval Research in support of a major Science and Technology initiative for US Navy ships, involving prototype systems development on board US Navy new construction combatants, including USS Zumwalt-class ships, DDG-1000 and DDG1001

Raytheon Anschütz, GmbH.

Raytheon Anschütz, GmbH, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Integrated Navigation Systems. RAn has extensive experience in providing and integrating gyro compasses and ring-laser gyros, manual steering controls and autopilots, radars for navigation and surveillance, electronic chart display and information systems, conning displays, multifunctional workstations, full integrated bridge and navigation systems and specialized equipment for naval vessels and submarines.  The new Synapsis network technology introduced two years ago allows a more effective integration of a range of electronics and weapons systems at a lower cost through use of a flexible adaptation layer in the OA software. This also allows for less intrusive software updates to enable low cost customization of the system to customer requirements.

Vectorworks Marine, LLC

Vector Works Logo

Vectorworks Marine, LLC is a highly regarded ISO9001:2008 Certified marine fabricator whose building processes have been approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lloyds Register (LR), and Det Norske Veritas (DnV).   Recent NAVSEA contract experience includes the design, fabrication and delivery of the composite hull and associated baseline engineering of the 42M LCSC for FMS sale. Under direct commercial sale, VML also designed, fabricated and delivered two 67 foot (20 meter) EPS M10 Hovercraft to Saudi Arabia. VectorWorks has also delivered the world's largest composite superstructure to the UAE.  This first of its kind superstructure was successfully fitted onto a 145M decommissioned Dutch-built steel hull frigate converted into the Motor yacht YAS.

St. John's Ship Building, Inc.

St. Johns is a full service shipbuilding and marine repair company offering state-of-the-art facilities, a history of quality workmanship and a convenient location.

In 2007 Steve Ganoe purchased the site of St. Johns Ship Building, a 98-acre shipyard on Florida’s St. Johns River, and committed to renewing its infrastructure and doubling its tonnage capacity. Today St. Johns is capable of building, refitting or repairing any vessel.

Incat Crowther, LLC

Incat Crowther has a proven culture of integrating innovative technology into proven design and engineering processes. Incat Crowther will continue to integrate new technologies to improve efficiency and to reduce our products' toll on the environment. Interpreting sustainability at its most basic, Incat Crowther’s vessels are amongst the most fuel efficient available. However, we are also competent in the areas of hybrid propulsion and alternative fuels and are working to reduce the embodied energy in production - the environmental cost of manufacturing a vessel.